Electricity is needed for many of your vehicle’s devices to function. The alternator serves as a type of generator or charging system that provides this electricity. While the vehicle’s battery does provide some energy, most of the devices draw power from the alternator’s constant supply. The alternator is a mechanical construct that is powered by the crankshaft of a gasoline powered engine. While the engine is running, the alternator has the ability to convert the motion from the crankshaft into electric current. This power supplies the operation of the cooling fan, headlights, windshield wipers, radio, defogger, and air conditioning.

Our alternator service includes:

  • Checking the battery and charging system
  • Replacement of parts as needed per manufacturer specifications
  • Retest system

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What are the signs that an alternator is going bad?

If your alternator begins making excessive noise, this could be a warning sign that it is going bad. As the bearings within the alternator wear out, you can usually hear unusual and excessive noise when the hood is open. The sound of a rattling or spinning may also be heard in the area where the serpentine belt and alternator are located, indicating something is wrong.

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